Multiple games from the same components

Multiple games from the same components is very often done as a ‘game design challenge’ (see BGDF), but only rarely as a production.  One exception is Stonehenge (; I’m not sure how successful that was commercially.

The problem tends to be the compromises you have to make to ensure that all the games work – those can reduce the focus of each game.  Expansions (usually charged for) or variants (usually available online) are the more normal way to go.  Expansions that require the original game (cheaper to produce, but smaller market) are common, as are self-standing expansions that are fundamentally the same game, but don’t require the original one (Carcassone: Hunters and Gatherers vs original Carcassone).

Expansions that increase the number of players are very common, because they increase the potential market too (Settlers of Catan is a good example).  They may not, however, increase the playability of the game :-).


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