DBM at Frome – October 17

A better day points-wise.  Steve and I scored 14 points, with 4-6 and 10-0, so ended up on 21 out of 40 – not bad for a scratch army and two players neither of whom knew much about how to play DBM.

Final match-ups were v Hungarians and then Ed’s Ancient Brits (Ed’s in the AWI Club, so a derby match to end with!).  Luck was variable in these two games.  We got all our poor dice rolls versus the Hungarians, including approx 10 6:1 rolls against us, then all our good dice rolls versus Ed, including killing his CinC and ending the game in 2 hours.

My opinion of the game is not changed (see yesterday’s post).  I prefer FoG for this type of game, because the ‘battlegroup’ system seems more manageable, rather than the micromanagement required in single element based DBM.  FoG seems to have a better tactical feel and to have less stress on technical knowledge.  There are still some awkward corner-cases in FoG though – for example, a unit charged in flank or rear cannot evade so that it continues in the direction it was already moving (which in reality it might well want to do, if it was trying to escape from the enemy behind it or to its flank!) but only in the direction of the charge or to its own rear; this might result in an ‘evade’ move more into the path of the charge, which seems nonsensical to me.

All in all, I’d prefer to go with historical simulation games rather than themed ones.


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