Essen Wednesday

All setup was done on time, so we’re all ready for this morning’s stampede! Thanks to Chooi and Phil for their help. And also to all the old friends who have dropped by.

First purchases were High Frontier, Dominant Species (both on recommendation), Pocket Battles Orcs & Elves, Agricola G deck, Parade, Bunny Bunny Moose Moose.

In the evening we play tested some stuff. Pete Armstrong had his game ‘Wild’, which looks like it has considerable potential. Theme is wild animals escaping from wildfire. Elephants, giraffes, rhinos & lions all are fighting to get away. Players have a hand of cards, randomly drawn or from a pool of 3 cards, to try to match with their 4 animals – one of each type. The cards are used for fighting off opponents, though herding animals can coexist. Particular points in the design that I liked were: time pressure and graphics of the approaching wildfire; movement restrictions by keying each hex by animal; card pool for drawing from, which could probably be extended and the basic combat mechanism – which was quick, simple and effective. We made several suggestions for possible improvement.

Then we had a quick 5-player go at Maureen Hiron’s new game ‘Up for Grabs’. I found it to be surprisingly fun! Not a game I would buy myself, but should have immense appeal to a mass market US audience.


1 Response to “Essen Wednesday”

  1. 1 Pete Armstrong November 2, 2010 at 01:48

    Thanks for the kind words on Wild! I’ll be making some tweaks and doing *more* playtesting. It’ll get there.

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