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Mission Command: Alpha version now available

The alpha version of Mission Command, Surprised Stare Games’ new World War 2 miniatures wargaming rule set, is now available :). We had a great time at Salute ’15 last Saturday, where we introduced it to an unsuspecting public. To download a copy, or just to read more about it, go to: I’d love to have your feedback!


The current version of Mission Command is the alpha version. In essence this means that it’s still under development, but we’ve reached a stage where we’d like some comments from potential players and umpires wider than our own design and play test team. We’re very conscious that the game isn’t yet entirely finished, there are many rough edges to smooth off, and we’ll need to improve the presentation of the written materials.


We’ll be supporting the Mission Command development over the coming months in several ways. First I’ll be writing some regular blog posts about it, in the nature of a Designer Diary. We’ll also be publishing scenarios on Surprised Stare Games’ website page for Mission Command (, which also contains the alpha manuals and supporting materials. Current support materials are the Intro Scenario, Area Fire Templates, Chits and Play Aids, all as PDFs. We’ll be treating these materials as online ‘living rules’ that we’ll update as new material becomes available.

We very much appreciate any feedback. This can be about any aspect of the game, including whether or not our research is accurate, how the game plays, ideas for scenarios or comments on the manuals themselves.