Airfix Tanks

A little bit of prep for Airfix Battles happened over the hols.  Only a little, but the objective is to get a whole set of figures and minis in Airfix for use in Airfix Battles.



2 Responses to “Airfix Tanks”

  1. 1 Mark Flanagan January 3, 2017 at 00:31

    Airfix is an “old fix” for me
    Like the classic Sherman and Churchill
    The Cromwell is well tooled and very “classy”
    Hope Airfix survives in 2017!

    • 2 benthamfish January 3, 2017 at 10:43

      Me too!
      I’m not really a military modeler – these are simply to play Airfix Battles with Airfix stuff, which seems sensible, though not all the vehicles in AB can be covered by specifically Airfix kits.
      Although the Cromwell model seems to have received a fair amount of love from the cognoscenti, I’m not as impressed with it. The bits look really good on the sprues and the differentiation of detail is good. Also the production of the track as a whole piece of plastic is interesting. Traditionally, Airfix produced vinyl tracks, as on the Sherman and Churchill, that required heat riveting, or for us cruder types, stapling – I did mention I’m not a military modeler! Two problems I had with the Cromwell: 1) the bits are very heavily fixed on the sprues, sometimes a single piece has 3 or 4 hefty joins, which made taking them off a tad tricky at times; 2) the design decisions on what pieces to have separate and what to have moulded on seem strange to me – for example, the muzzle brake is in two parts lengthwise, and there are lots of very tiny things like lamps and hooks to put on. There’s a small hatch on the front that’s a separate piece, but the larger hatches elsewhere are not separate. Even though the Churchill and Sherman suspensions are a bit more complex to fit than the Cromwell, I much prefer those two models.

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