Essen prep: The March of Progress


World War 2 in the West, starting setup, though the Germans should also start with 2VP cubes and the Western Allies with 1VP cube.

I’ve been working on the World War 2 in the West scenario for a while now, mainly with Pete, but also playing extensively with others. This scenario is the longest one (usually!) in the set – it’s a 2-part affair with the Germans only winning if they win both parts by achieving 15 VPs each time. The Western Allies only win by taking Berlin, but they can do this in either part, if they’re good enough.

Like the Napoleonic scenario, this one is asymmetric, so balance is tricky. We’ve played around a lot with varying the starting dice and varying the starting VP cubes, as well as looking very carefully at the transition between parts 1 and 2. Much depends on what card each player chooses right at the start and the immediate follow-ups. There’s also a change in the rules, so that the scenario is heavily based on logistics. For example, rather than reducing your VP dice to increase your army strength, you can pay 5 VP cubes. That sounds hefty, but, for the Allies at least, VP cubes are not their victory condition – it’s all about taking Berlin.

The situation changes in this scenario at the start of part 2. The side with most VP cubes at the end of part 1 will start part 2 with VP cubes equal to the difference between the 2 sides. So, it’s possible for either player to start part 2 with a VP cube advantage. The Germans primarily need to get VP cubes to win, whereas the Allies need them to increase their army strength, to move all 3 armies up at the same time and to boost their attacks with air power – this last is through swapping out the ATTACK+1 card for a new ATTACK+1 WITH AIR POWER. This can lead to some stark choices, particularly as the Germans have VWEAPONS to hit the Allies VP cubes.

I’m taking the prototype of The March of Progress to Essen, with copies for our potential partners, Frosted Games and 2Tomatoes. Hopefully, there will be the opportunity for some demos!

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